Frequently Asked Questions

Will I build Projects While at Forsk?

Yes. A large part of the course is dedicated to students improving their understanding of product development by developing full-featured applications. Short lectures and class work activities work well for covering fundamental concepts and introducing new technologies. The product development is well complemented by collaborative programming and peer reviews.

I’m a College/University Student. Can I Join Forsk?

Absolutely Yes! Joining Forsk while still in college/university is a great way to supercharge your post-college career prospects by adding high-demand, real world skills to your resume. Forsk programs help student in placement readiness and grab high packages in on campus or off campus recruitment drives.

Can I Visit the Campus and Interact with Forsk Team?

Of course! You can visit the Forsk office during any working day. Please email to with the subject line "Campus Visit" to schedule one.

What is Forsk Technologies?

Forsk Technologies is based out of Jaipur and works with universities to prepare students for skill based hiring using data and technologies. Currently focused on IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI. Forsk’s ESTP (Engineering Specialist Training Program) helps students fill industry gap by improving skills in emerging technologies, better connect with industry and secure quality career in the industry.

Forsk's Python course is part of IIIT Kota curriculum.

Currently Forsk is developing a Paytm like wallet for Bombay based company that includes web development, mobile app development, cloud and integrationg ML/AI features.

We are working with Manipal for last three years and close to 300 students have graduated from our previous bootcamps.

What tracks you are covering this semester and what is the format of execution?

We are offering three tracks this time:

  • Deep Learning and AI (Duration: 45 Hours)
  • Machine Learning with Python (Duration: 45 Hours)
  • IoT (Duration: 45 Hours)
  • Python (In Office)

The bootcamps are 70% practical (project based learning) and 30% includes demo and discussion. We follow no PPT slides strategy.

Do these bootcamps help me in getting internships and jobs?

Yes, many students from past have got internship offers through Forsk connections in industry.

Recently Vipul Gupta got internship and job with Criterian Network Bangalore, Utkarsh Trehan and Neha Roy got internship with Tech Mahindra Pune. Syed Mujahid got internship from Dell this summers.

You can contact them at: Vipul (9685398607) and Utkarsh (7073843438).

What would be days and timings of the bootcamp?

The bootcamp will run in the evening (5 - 8PM) and we will have 2 sessions per week.

Can I talk to students from manipal who have taken this course?

Participants in IoT Course:

Akash Kalra
Shivam Singh
Mohammed Rehman
Nitant Jatale
Chinmay Bhale
Dikshant Kotla
Sarthak Mishra

Participants in Machine Learning with Python:

Aripra Pandey
Tanya Khanna
Riya Sharma
Pragya Bardiya
Syed Mujahed
Avesh Kumar Verma
Pragya Gera
Mehak Shandilya
Ritwik Srivastava
Ishan Rawat
Ashutosh moghe
Parth Saraswat
Arshpreet Singh
Vineeth Appala
Arpit Gupta
Hitendra Singh Shekhawat
Shardul Negi
Saumya Pandey
Shaswat sinha

Can I see reviews from past participants?

You can find the reviews about Forsk on Quora and facebook page as well.


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How can I register for the Bootcamp?