Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Join Forsk?

If you want to become an IoT/mobile/web developer, Forsk offers you the best launching platform. Through a careful design of learning process, cutting edge course curriculum and passionate instructors, Forsk enhances the learning outcomes and gives industrial exposure in product development.

Forsk programs take students willing to learn with a base of programming skill and make them into professional developers. We know what it takes from a professional, personal and mental level to be a top-performer in industry.

What Will I Learn at Forsk?

Forsk curriculum is based on the most cutting-edge tools in the industry right now. How we know industry trends are changing rapidly, our goal is to make you an expert in fundamentals. Currently Forsk focuses on IoT, mobile and web development. For undergraduate students in first/second year, we encourage them to enroll for computer science fundamentals. Whether in our offline or online courses, you'll learn the best material in the most efficient way possible.

How Do the Program works?

The each program/course requires 20-25 hours in a week. The live class/lab involves quiz, lecture, hands –on activity followed by homework and assignments. The final project is integration of what you learn during the course/program and is of production quality.

Each course at Forsk covers the product development cycle starting from concept to final app deployment. There is also strong focus on preparing students for placement activities. You will be prepared for interviews and the job search.

Will I build Projects While at Forsk?

Yes. A large part of the course is dedicated to students improving their understanding of product development by developing full-featured applications. Short lectures and class work activities work well for covering fundamental concepts and introducing new technologies. The product development is well complemented by collaborative programming and peer reviews.

What Is The Fee?

The fee for the offline courses that run at Forsk office is 20,000 INR and the duration of the course in 14 weeks.

We set a high standard for ourselves and for you, and our tuition reflects that investment.

How Does Forsk Help Me in Getting Job/Internship?

The Forsk helps students get jobs is by teaching an advanced, relevant curriculum that is constantly updated based on current tech trends. You finish the course with a portfolio of projects that demonstrates your knowledge.

You'll also be well practiced in the style of technical interview questions given in engineering interview.

Post course completion for offline courses that run at our office space, we organize Demo Day where we invite startups and companies and see the projects you have worked on and you can connect one-on-one with target companies you are interested in. This demo day is organized with the help of Startup Oasis, Jaipur. Additionally, we provide help through our own private network of startups and companies looking to hire developers.

We will work with you long after graduation to make sure you stay sharp and prepared to get the career of your dreams. This includes mock interview practice, additional projects, and open lines of communication with us about your job search and career.

I’m A College/University Student. Can I Join Forsk?

Absolutely Yes! Joining Forsk while still in college/university is a great way to supercharge your post-college career prospects by adding high-demand, real world skills to your resume. Forsk programs help student in placement readiness and grab high packages in on campus or off campus recruitment drives.

How Does The Application Process Work?

We accept candidates on a rolling basis. You can apply at anytime during any semester. After your application, we will contact you to give you more details about the course and resolve your queries if any.

Can I Visit the Campus and Interact with Forsk Team?

Of course! You can visit the Forsk office during any working day. Please email with the subject line "Campus Visit" to schedule one.