Forsk Labs - Improve Practical Teaching

Theory and practice are going parallel with each other but often their working together is difficult to attain. This is an old phenomenon and regarding university education where often the theoretical side is predominated and so the right application of theoretic backgrounds is hampered.

As per NASSCOM report only 10 – 20% of engineering graduates are employable in India as there is no or limited exposure to industry practices during academic programs. Forsk feels the need for a paradigm shift in industry and academia partnership for skill enhancement and improved industry engagement through studio and flip classroom concept.

Forsk works with universities and colleges to bring industry approach of software development and product engineering during lab sessions of candidates within their academic curriculum.

Forsk Technologies works as industry partner providing end to end solution for lab sessions from content development, execution of lab assignments in the form of sub modules/projects and evaluation of candidates.

This model has been appreciated by our partner universities and getting tremendous response from their student community.