Forsk is all about project based learning.

Class-work, homework and collaborative programming is centered around building modules and projects. Project work ranges from building web app, mobile app to IoT projects.

Below are some of the projects built by Forsk students. All these projects are developed using collaborative programming in which lab students are divided into groups, features/modules are assigned for them followed by integration of the work done by each group at end of the lab sessions.

Forsk Training programs focus on projects & hands-on learning! Forsk programs are project-based and closely mimic what industry does.

Forsk’s ESTP (Engineering Specialist Training Program) helps students fill industry gap by improving skills in emerging technologies, better connect with industry and secure quality career in the industry.

All the ESTP tracks are project based and designed around industry needs. Forsk's founding team has more than 14+ years of experience working with industry giants like Qualcomm, Samsung, Nokia and startups like Mango Technologies. Team has extensive hands-on experience of working on IoT, Data Sciernce, Data Analytics, Fullstack and mobile apps across multiple platforms.